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We understand that planning a successful event relies on timely, relevant information and attention to detail.

Deborah also gets that you want your attendees to be inspired and have take-home value from her message. That’s why she works in partnership with you. Deborah will tailor her message to your group, and make you shine!


So, we’d like to make this easy for you. Contact Deborah today to share your needs, discuss how she can support you to create a memorable event. Request your copy of her Speaker Package.

Deborah’s basic Speaker Package includes

  • Speaker Introduction Bio
  • Speaker Long Bio
  • One-Sheet or Two-Sheet pertinent to the Keynote or Conference breakout seminar you’ve selected
  • AV Requirements for keynotes and seminars
  • Head shot photo’s
  • Other information on request – Please Call 1-778-386-5168  or email her,  Deb[@]
    We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your conference is a huge success! Call today.

    Note: Deborah’s business is in the midst of being re-branded – hence the request that you get the above documents directly from her. Thank you.