Alive On Raw

Alive on Raw Book 1: The CHALLENGE – has  garnered rave reviews and is currently available in two formats: as a digital download e-book or an iPad e-book. Download a preview.

ALIVE on RAW comprises a series of three ‘how-to manuals’ to help you to transition to a more healthful lifestyle. Only Book 1 has as yet been published. Each book provides clear steps and success strategies to increase your intake of living foods, reduce your risk of illness and re-ignite your energy.
[Note: A second version with all three phases in one book will be available towards the end of 2015]

You will get:
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to transition to a living foods lifestyle, with ease
  • Food assessments
  • Success strategies
  • Practical tips
  • Opportunities to deepen and reinforce your commitment
  • Recipes with colour photo’s to inspire you and make food preparation fun
Read the Review of ALIVE on RAW, by BC Raw Food Society Founder, Clive Langton: Book Review: Alive on Raw  

This book comes in two versions:

The e-Book version:

  • A 200-page How to Self-Help-Manual for transitioning to a raw lifestyle – plus recipes. 
  • Just follow the steps to experience: – increased energy, improved health and a return to your natural body weight.
  • This 200-page full colour e-Book is CAD$20 plus tax.
  • Additional 55 pages of support material as 4 downloadable pdf’s – are available for purchase. See more details below.
The iPad version click here
The hard copy version – was a limited edition and will not to be re-printed]
  • A 200-page How-to Self-Help-Manual for transitioning to a raw lifestyle plus recipes.
  • This book has received rave reviews – like the one above by the RAW BC Founder.
  • The limited edition sold as a coffee-table manual, was printed by a high-end printing company that uses top quality paper with a beautiful finish. This version is no longer in print.

We are currently taking orders for the pdf  version.
An additional 55 pages of support material – 4 pdf’s – are available for order.  See details of this material below.

This unique series provides step-by-step guidance to help you transition to a raw food lifestyle successfully!

Additional material in pdf format is available at $12.99 plus tax, and includes all four pdf’s:

  • Raw foods and their Benefits [38 pgs]
  • The Food Snapshot Assessment Template [10 pgs]
  • Healthy Substitute Ingredients [6 pgs]
  • A 30-day Food Diary Template that features a unique rating for success  [11 pgs]

To get the additional material email Deborah and in topic field state the second guiding principle given on page 64 of Book 1.

The ALIVE on RAW series will:

  • Inform, educate and support you to move towards a more healthful diet
  • Inspire you with colour photo’s of delicious, living foods recipes
  • Help you transition to a more energy-and-health-enhancing lifestyle, more easily
  • Help you to reduce your risk of illness
  • Help you to lose body-fat and keep it off, naturally
  • Increase your energy so you can live the life you love.


ALIVE ON RAW is for you!

This book series is complemented by a comprehensive ALIVE on RAW Coaching System, for which you can register separately to get the support you need. Contact Deborah for more details if you want coaching support.