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Heart Alchemy: Emotional Stress Release
– a tool to melt emotional stress

Body Presence: Life-Centering Practices
– a tool to be fully present in the moment

Book 1 -Phase 1: ALIVE on RAW: Get your Body and Energy Back!

The Series comprises three phases: The Challenge | The Experiment | The Experience!
– And the entire series offers 100+ original raw recipes, all plated and created by Deborah, and photographed by Dene, her husband.

    • Each phase provides you with step-by-step guidance to help you transition towards a high-raw, plant-based living foods diet more easily. No more guesswork. Each manual gives guidelines to support your successful transition, at your own pace.
    • The series includes food assessments, healthy alternatives, proven steps, success strategies, tips for assessing fruits ripeness, tips for living food storage, food-combining principles, as well as tips for grocery shopping, dining out and preparing meals for family and friends who are not on the same health-track as you – to make transitioning to a more energy-enhancing, living food lifestyle, easy!
      • Each phase offers a unique set of simple-to-prepare, nutritious raw recipes.
      • The combined series offers more than 100 recipes, each with colour photo’s to inspire you to experience the limitless energy of living foods.
      • Every single photo shows real food –  no artificial sprays for photographic purposes – all real food which we ate after we shot the pics.


  • In addition, each manual also offers its own set of recipes with colour photo’s, to inspire you to experience limitless energy from living foods! Book 1 is available today!
  • ALIVE on RAW: Book 1 – The CHALLENGE  is now available in digital, i-Pad Buy your copy now. Go to Alive on Raw

Powered by living foods, I recently completed a fundraiser bicycle ride of 240 km from Vancouver to Seattle with ease and tons of energy to spare! Going the distance is easy when you fuel your body the right way – with living foods! If I can do it, so can you!” ~ Deborah

If you are:

  • A busy professional and you want to rev up your energy with quick, nutritious mouth-watering foods, this book series is for you
  • A busy home-maker and you want to minimize food prep time while simultaneously enhancing food quality, this book is also designed for you
  • A student who needs sufficient energy to help you be clear-minded and enable you to focus and tackle regular late night assignments, this e-book is for you too!
  • A retired Baby-Boomer wanting to re-energize your body so you can pack in all the activities you now have time for, this book series is for you too!
  • Would you like to experience optimal energy?
  • If ‘Yes,’ it’s time to learn how to nourish your body with a whole lot more living foods. The ALIVE on RAW Series will help you to do precisely that.
    • The second edition is in progress and incorporates the latest groundbreaking findings on healthy nutrition. This second edition is planned for publication later in 2014.
    The Comprehensive ALIVE on RAW SYSTEM complements the series.
    from ebook ALIVE on RAW by Deborah Rossouw

  • What differentiates the ALIVE on RAW SYSTEM is that it addresses the challenges of emotional eating, and it provides alternative strategies to set you up for success. This is a proven coaching program that has helped many others succeed and it can help you too!As a Certified Integral Life Coach, Deborah’s passion is to support people who are committed to making the transition to a healthier lifestyle, and who want to experience an easier and faster transition.Deborah’s System comprises twelve tried and tested step-by-step strategies that help you to understand and overcome the emotional challenges that typically arise through the transition to a healthier diet.
  • This System, amongst other things, will support you to deal effectively with cravings, provide ready-made meal plans, guide you in exactly how to respond to the negative comments of others and a lot more.Deborah’s System can help you to better manage and integrate your emotional and spiritual selves so you experience the transition to a new and healthier lifestyle with greater ease! Contact Deborah for a consultation today!RAW BC members get a discount. Contact Deborah for more details.
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