SOUL Summit


 Five wonder-filled days on Deborah’s Soul Summit could profoundly change your life!

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Out beyond ideas of
wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
– Rumi –


This Soul Summit will help you

  • Gain Soul-sight into what’s been holding you back from moving forward with Soul
  • Find meaning in the difficult experiences of your life
  • Release resentment, heal emotional hurts so you can bring your whole-self into your life
  • Come back into balance by transforming your energy & emotions
  • Discover your own unique soul-dimensionality
  • Experiment with empowering Inner Intelligence Tools
  • Experience Soul-freedom and open to joy
  • Craft your own Soul-Blueprint to come back into balance and harmony and
  • Have fun and Enjoy a few special surprises along the way!

Key Outcomes

  • Inner access – You will learn to access a wellspring of Inner Intelligence – wisdom deep within you
  • Self-Authorship – Be the author of your life by crafting a more enlivening future with clear actions
  • Relationship reconciliation – You will experience tools to reconcile your relationship to self and others and enable you to respond with more resourcefulness, compassion and love
  • Inner freedom – You will experience internal freedom in your core being to enable you to live with greater resilience, integrity, wisdom, vitality and love!
Deborah’s Unique, Inspired 4T’s Transformational Technology:
  • is a synthesis of more than two decades of research and learning and brings you her most profound and empowering Inner Intelligence Tools to:
  • Facilitate a healing transformation
  • Release hidden hurt
  • Reconcile relationships and
  • Bring you into a profound experience of inner freedom.
  • Teach you how to:
    • come back into balance and harmony and
    • create your unique Soul-Blueprint as a guiding light for going forward.

You do not need to take decades to find your way, like she did.

  • In just five days you will learn to apply her Four-stage Technology to your life.
  • You’ll experience proven processes and transformation so that you can re-engage your life from a more resourceful state, immediately.

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An empowering transformational experience to

  • tap your deeper identity and inner intelligence and open to flow
  • release, restore and re-vitalize your relationship to yourself and others
  • enable you to re-connect to wisdom and wonder
  • step artfully and creatively into the life you were born to live.


There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.
– Albert Einstein –

God regards with merciful eyes
not what you are nor what you have been

but what you wish to be.
– The Cloud of Unknowing –

Ideal participants

  • Heart-centered professionals longing to re-vitalize their lives and reconcile their relationships, once and for all!


  • 5 consecutive, life-changing, wonder-filled days!
Reserve your place on the next Soul Summit. Contact Deborah for details.
    • NURTURE Your Soul – Talks, coaching and retreats to restore inner harmony
        •  Radical Self Care – a program to reduce stress and provide a blueprint to create more harmony inside and out
        • Let Go and Open to Joy – a program for releasing resentment, for good
      Deborah’s programs equip you to
            • Relate more honestly and skilfully
            • Feel more empowered
            • Reduce stress and have more inner peace
            • Regain your physical energy and vitality

Well-being depends on our ability to engage life from a place of inner harmony. Inner harmony comes when we integrate our energy and emotions.” ~Deborah Rossouw