• NURTURE Your Soul – Talks, coaching and retreats to restore inner harmony
        • Soul Summit Retreat
        • Let Go and Open to Joy – a program for releasing resentment, for good
        • Assert Yourself! – a program to enable you to express yourself clearly and openly
      Deborah’s programs equip you to
            • Feel more empowered
            • Reduce stress and have more inner peace
            • Relate more honestly and skilfully
            • Regain your physical energy and vitality
 Well-being depends on our ability to engage life from a place of inner harmony. Inner harmony comes when we integrate our attention, energy and emotions.” ~Deborah Rossouw

Tuning in to the inner dimensions – the deeper part of yourself – gives you access to your deepest source of power, wisdom, calm and compassion.

Paradoxically, it necessitates that you connect with your fundamental, vulnerable self, in order to access your innermost strength and deepest freedom.

This is the most courageous work you will ever do, and it’s helpful to get support from someone who knows the terrain and can help you find your way, at least at the start. This is the work I feel called to as a Deep Life Coach.” ~ Deborah Rossouw

NURTURE Your SOUL Retreats will enable you to

  • enhance connection to your inner being, to access true power
  • access a deeper part of you for greater calm and wisdom
  • better manage your energy and emotions
  • find and express your true voice
  • respond to yourself and others with greater wisdom, understanding and compassion
  • feel alive & aligned!

    Deborah’s new book ‘What Came Because I Asked‘ – is scheduled to be published in 2015

    RETREATS – from 2015
    • A central focus of each retreat is to help you to re-connect with your heart to transform the quality of your relationship to yourself, others and the sacred, whatever that is for you.

    The three retreat formats are:

    • The WonderfulWoman Experience – a one-day immersion [Cultivate inner connection to your intuitive or sacred self so you become more congruent and have access to your confident inner core.]
    • The Wisdom Connection Weekend – a weekend immersion
    • Soul Summit – a transformative 5-day immersion and re-igniting of your inner being and soul purpose [Integrate your emotional and soul selves in order to enhance the quality of your life and relationships.]


The Sacred and our True Voice

For us to be able to access our True Self, which Wayne Dyer calls our Sacred Self, and thus truly find our voice, we need to be in right relationship with ourselves, others and the Sacred, whatever we term the latter to be. So let’s talk about the Sacred…


Deborah, this is what you should be doing full-time! It was a phenomenal experience! Thank you so much!’ – Sue Leicester  [my former colleague] – Recruitment Adviser VCH, North Vancouver

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