Let Go and Open to Joy


  • Are you tired of carrying a build-up of hurt, frustration or anger within you?
  • Are you carrying resentment toward a parent, sibling, partner, colleague, boss or friend?
  • Would you like to experience a proven process to let go of those heavy, hurt feelings and resentment, once and for all?
  • Are you ready to open to joy?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the above, it’s time for you to let it go so you can open to joy!

In this Letting Go and Opening to Joy Workshop-‘n-Coaching Combo:
  • certified Integral Life Coach, Deborah Rossouw, will teach you a proven process to let go of hurt and resentment once-and-for-all, so
  • you can experience the deep peace and joy that true letting go brings.

More than fifteen years ago I applied this process to two close relatives, in their absence, and it completely transformed our relationship. I know it can do the same for you too!’ ~Deborah

Here’s how it works:

Deborah offers this unique workshop-coaching-combo to groups, like congregations or groups of spiritually-oriented or heart-centered people.
Individuals self-select to attend.

This process supports people to restore the manner in which they relate to themselves and one other individual. This is a highly private process.

All of the preparation is done in the group setting without sharing details with others, and all the releasing work is done in individually and in private with Deborah. This program is only suitable for people who are committed to letting go of past hurts and wish to experience a positive shift in one relationship that feels important for you to work with first. Once you’ve learned this process you will be equipped to apply it to any other relationships on your own.

Wow! This process was truly incredible; truly transformational for me! Thank you so much! You’re a real gift!
Ryan Rigoli, Co-Founder and the Chief Soul Strategist at Soulful Brand, San Francisco

Parts 1 and 2 are a mini-workshop
  • context is given
  • the process is clarified
  • individual preparation is completed in class
  • individual support is given as needed
Part 3 is the releasing process
  • Part 3 is based on the preparation done in the mini-workshop
  • Each attendee will have a confidential coaching session with Deborah, privately for between 90 mins to 2 hours.
  • This exclusive, private coaching session needs to be scheduled within three-five days of the mini-workshop.

If you’re looking for a true transformation in your relationships, gather your group [a minimum of 8 people and maximum of 20] and reserve your workshop-coaching combo, Contact Deborah today. You will be extremely grateful you did!