Past personal programs



This page reflects the suite of personal development programs Deborah has designed and delivered for a diverse number of organizations globally over the past two decades.

Equipping professionals to engage in more empowering, compassionate and authentic relationships towards themselves and others

Communication competencies

· Authentic communication 1 – talk so people will listen, & listen so people will talk
· Authentic communication 2 – overcome your inner critic & communicate with confidence
· Authentic communication 3 – read and respond to the dynamics within any interaction
· Empathy – the art of sensing and responding
· PartnersInLove™ – explore the pitfalls, the passion and the power of intimacy!
· Presentation skills – connecting with your audience

Influencing competencies

· Build learning moments using feedback & recognition
· Body talk and rapport – read & respond to non-verbal cues with accuracy
· Mentoring – experience the power of partnership
· TeamSpirit™ – build a culture of commitment & motivation
· Transformational leadership – a different kind of leadership

Problem solving competencies

· How to deal with people we perceive as difficult
· How to manage conflict and preserve relationships
· Need to communicate bad news? – How to do it right
· Probing – how to get to the real message

Personal mastery competencies

· Be BodyWise™ – overcome emotional eating with healthy coping strategies!
· Be StressWise™ – how to beat stress and not let stress beat you!
· Build BetterBoundaries™ – take charge of your life in relation to others
· How to achieve work-life integration and harmony
· InnerPower™ – how to tap your resources when you need them most
· It’s an inside job – what you need to know about self-esteem and how to keep it healthy!
· WonderfulWoman™! Discover and value the wonder of You!