Feb 2014 – Wellness Presentation
We were so fortunate to have Deborah come to the studio and talk to the students and family members at RNB.

I was so impressed with her positive approach and consideration to what would be the best information for the students. She came to the studio and took notes on the students, their activities, the reasons why we were interested in a Nutrition talk and the best information and knowledge she could give them.

Deborah is honestly interested in gifting her knowledge to people and helping them learn about a healthier life style. Showing up early and staying late for people who asked questions showed us how passionate she is about what she does.Her demonstration was fun, visual and the students really enjoyed being an active part of the discussion. Her manner is engaging and welcoming with a presentation that leaves you inspired to make healthier decisions.We look forward to her next visit. With thanks
Hayley Walker – Principal and Artistic Director at RNB Dance & Theatre Arts

May 2013 –  BCHRMA Vancouver Conference
Deborah – thank you so much for presenting to our BCHRMA 2013 Vancouver Conference last week. It has been a pleasure working with you over these past few months. You have always been attentive to my requests and professional in every way, and that makes my job as a speaker manager a whole lot easier!
~ Quinne Davey, Business Development Project Manager, BC Human Resources Management Association.

Hello Deborah, thank you for your session last week at BCHRMA’s 2013 Vancouver Conference.  Your seminar was so enlightening for me and affirmed many areas in my work and life which I have been working on for the past couple of years.  You embodied your practice beautifully and I encourage you to keep speaking so eloquently about such important topics! Thanks again. Theresa Jumpsen, CHRP;~ Human Resources Manager, Canada, Calgary, AB  

I must admit that I was a little skeptical about the whole raw food thing when I walked into the seminar on October 30th but once Deb Rossouw began to speak, I was instantly riveted.

The seminar was AWESOME!  Deb is an energetic, humourous speaker and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about raw food living. Thanks, Deb…just like you predicted, I think I’m hooked!
Kate Reid, Singer, Songwriter, Vancouver, BC.

2012: Not-forProfit AGM
Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation at our Annual General Meeting. Your talk was captivating and entertaining – at times humorous, at times very moving. We also appreciated very much the time you took to meet with various members of our team beforehand, to become familiar with our organization and weave that into your presentation. AGM Testimonial
Renee Strong – Executive Director, Capilano Community Services Society

Thank you for your excellent presentation! You came with glowing recommendations. Well, you exceeded my expectations! Your keynote was fun and engaging and gave us tools to strengthen our relationships. Again, thank you so much!
Cherie De Guzman – Clinical Educator – Perioperative, UBC Hospital Operating Rooms, Vancouver, BC

Feedback Re: Keynote and Team Building Session for the OR Staff
Deborah, Thank you for your excellent presentation, last week! You came with glowing recommendations from the nurse coordinator at UBCH OR who had heard you speak at a previous seminar and was very impressed! She couldn’t say enough positive adjectives to describe how good you are. Well, you exceeded my expectations! Your keynote was fun and engaging! You highlighted our team strengths in a manner that we could relate to; and you gave us tools to strengthen our relationships. I particularly liked your analogy to the dance. The best part is that all these tools I can apply in my personal life. Several of the staff who attended articulated the same and that the tools are important in their family life. Again, thank you so much!
Cherie De Guzman RN BSN MA
Clinical Educator – Perioperative
UBC Hospital Operating Rooms
Vancouver, BC

Moved to tears. Informative, inspiring and fun! Your personal stories and the metaphor you used will be remembered for a long time. Thank you! ~Pamela Downey, YWCA Single Mom’s Services Facilitator, Vancouver

You have a talent for tuning into the needs of an audience and you have the uncanny ability to boil down complex and ambiguous ideas into their simplest and most compelling form. We will be calling on you to speak to us again in the future.
Jill Korstrom – West Vancouver Women’s Network Chair & Program Coordinator


Thanks again for presenting to the West Vancouver Women’s Network (WVWN). You have a surplus of dynamic energy and a bubbling character. And your exuberance and passion made it easy for the audience to connect with you. You have a talent for tuning into the needs of an audience and you have the uncanny ability to boil down complex and ambiguous ideas into their simplest and most compelling form and create an atmosphere of excitement and unpredictability. You gave us much to roll around in our brains for some time to come. I believe that every woman in the room walked out with something new to think about.
Getting your message across with charisma, humour, wit and a natural ability to communicate with charm, are the qualities in you that make you so good at teaching and communicating. You are a jovial and warm character, with a very engaging style and an effervescent quality, who encourages others to develop intellectually and expand their horizons.
I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your talk to us, as you made it simple for us to soak up the material that you were presenting.
You come from a place of gusto, fun and curiosity and it showed up in your presentation to the WVWN. We will be calling on you to speak to us again in the future.
Jill Korstrom
West Vancouver Women’s Network Chair & Program Coordinator


Deborah’s sensitive, creative and authentic presentation style motivated my team to engage in better conversations for better results. Thank you!
Sarah Jordan, MHA, CHE, Manager, Purdy Pavilion, UBC Hospital, Vancouver


Thanks so much for your presentation last week. Your message was very encouraging and there was much to ponder on. I’m sure I will come across many situations in the work place and in my personal life when I will reflect on and apply the principles and tools you shared.
Shirley Wolff | Partner at Deloittes Vancouver

‘Deborah, it was a privilege listening to you!  You’re bright, confident, honest, inspirational and fun all at the same time! What a package! I feel you raised the bar in our dance with life Wednesday evening. I know you did mine! Thank you for the great work you’re doing here on the planet!’
Angela Scouten, Chair West Vancouver Toastmasters Vancouver

Deborah, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at Pro Speakers. It was a unique way of presenting your theme and an instant ‘attention getter’ that was also very inspiring!
Mike Duff – Principal FPM Consulting, Vancouver, BC

More than inspiring….coming from a very challenging past, what touched my heart was seeing how Deborah had stepped into her Greatness and gave voice to her confidence in living her life, fully expectant of making the next and the next moment shine.’
Taaja Kayler – North Vancouver

I recently had the opportunity to hear Deborah’s keynote presentation on “Find Your Voice – do you Waltz or do you Cha Cha Cha? For over an hour, she held me – and the others in the room – captive with her polished and passionate delivery and her message. She brings energy, authenticity and joy to her keynote and one would have to be made of stone not to be affected by her storied presentation. I left with a better understanding of the concept of one’s “voice” and some useful and practical tools to turn it into action. I look forward to hearing Deb speak again!
Tracey Wimperly, ABC, Principal at Walk the Talk Communications, Vancouver

Deborah, thank you very much for your help preparing me for my interview. It went well and I got the job! I will be starting in January 2012!
Elizabeth Juarez, Post doc graduate, Vancouver.

You were simply amazing last night! I was transfixed for the whole of your presentation. You reached everyone. You lead by example. You are warm, gracious, knowledgeable and have great presentation skills! I also had a few ‘ah ha moments’ related to the time I was the Court Administrator in Vancouver. I wish I had your wisdom then. Your presentation demonstrates such positive examples of a Christian life without being overt. There is a piece about you and your message delivers such hope. Also thank you for sharing the examples you used. They were very personal and very touching. Thank you!
Joan Furnival, Chair of the Board, North Lonsdale United Church

Debs, thanks for your inspiring and very touching keynote. Talk about being congruent. You are such a good example of that. It was really excellent!
Kucki Low, Author – This is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking.

For me there were electrifying moments that flashed like lightning, leaving its impressions for ever.
Your speech had the intensity, depth and innocence that goes to prove that a human being has the inherent quality/capacity to do and undo things. It is a question of activating thyself – those inner strings that once activated can produce the best music one has ever known. Thank you!
Anil Mattoo, President -Newton’s Apple Toastmasters

I have more confidence. A wonderful presentation – one of the best! I felt emotional. Thank you.
Ann Hughes, Vancouver

Awesome talk! Thank you so much! Thank you for being such a delightful speaker – loved every minute of it!
Cecilia Molnar, Vancouver

I feel more confident and powerful just participating in your presentation this morning. Thank you for being a lovely example of a woman who has found her true voice.
Ann Houghton, Vancouver

It was a fantastic presentation. It came to my heart. Next time I want to have a longer presentation!! For us Asian immigrants, we don’t have assertion but we’re learning. Your kindness was already in us. Thank you very much!
Yoshiko Kimura, Vancouver

A fabulous presentation! Loved the stories, dance & music. Great to have practical tools to become more assertive. Lovely sayings to make it memorable. We’d love to have you come back in the Fall!
Brenda Benham, Volunteer PWG Alumni Coordinator and Board Member, Vancouver

Incredibly original what you did! And I felt as if you were coming from a place of authenticity. Good job!
Jane Atkinson, The Wealthy Speaker, ON

Good movement for each story. It was nice. Good job, I enjoyed it!
Kit Grant, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Calgary, AB

It’s an original piece of interpretation. You’ve got some dynamite stuff. I liked it too!
Warren Evans, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker, Toronto

Deborah is a breath of fresh air! She gave an electric, genuine & inspiring presentation to our organization. Her content was full of substance, geared specifically to our needs.
Joyanne Landers, President – Elephant Ears Training Ltd.

Deborah’s presentation style has flair! She captures attention and makes her point. Dynamic and graceful!
Shelle Rose Charvet, Professional Speaker, Calgary

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this past week and got even more out of it compared to the first time I heard you. It was interesting to see the guests (Non-Toastmasters) respond to you as if you and they were the only ones in the room ….it seems that personal to them. You again had everyone captivated and listening to every word you had to say. Your speech was educational, fun,  participative and entertaining. We look forward to Part 2.
Joyce Mahy, Trivita

Deborah, I am still in awe of the power of your coaching session with me! It gives me courage and perseverance daily. It was extremely powerful when you showed me how my memories can trigger emotions, and very helpful when you helped me take distance from those emotions and take stock of events more objectively. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be coached by you.
Debbie Teubes, Counselling Psychologist, M. Psych, Thailand

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Deborah Rossouw. She is an innately gifted and experienced Integral Coach. She brings an extra-ordinary sense of clarity and wisdom to her clients that helps them to unlock for themselves what is getting in the way of experiencing greater effectiveness and fulfillment in their lives. Her deep presence, compassion and support make her tremendously effective in helping her clients to see new possibilities, take new actions and create more lasting change. I can’t speak highly enough of Deborah’s work as a coach and also just as a wonderful human being. I hope many people have the great fortune to work with her.
Ryan Rigoli, Business and Life Coach & Marketing Entrepreneur, San Francisco, USA.

A world of possibility has opened up for me! I now trust myself to make decisions and to be able to handle the consequences.For the first time in a long time (maybe ever), I feel I have a connection to my deeper self, my spirit and I finally feel that sense of grounded-ness from which I can grow and expand. I feel truly blessed to have been coached by you. Thank you for your caring.
Marc Low, Business Development Manager, Deloitte Johannesburg, South Africa

This course has done wonderful things for me. I was very unsure of myself, my doctor had me on antidepressants and I was just having a bad time with life in general. A couple of months after taking this course I started my own business, came off the drugs and generally had a different outlook on life. I feel better and I have taken complete control of my life. [Name not disclosed in the interests of confidentiality]
Anonymous, Nova Scotia

This course showed me that I had to take responsibility for my own actions and to be true to myself. I’m now able to communicate with ease with different people who I was unable to confront before. I feel free! Others can now perceive the real me.
Mylene Desjardins, Maritime Life Assurance, Halifax, NS

I am extremely pleased with this course. It came at a time in my life when it was really needed. I feel more confidence in myself, and feel ready to apply my assertiveness in my everyday life. Thank you!
Shelley Greenough, Manager Redmonds Pro- Hardware, St Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

This came at a time when I am in a transition period in my life. Many of the items covered were very pertinent to my current situation.I feel more positive about going forward. Thanks so much!
Dianna Johnson, Administrative Assistant, Halifax Chamber of Commerce

I found your workshop helped me in gaining a better respect for myself. I recognize more strength in myself in how I approach situations. Thank you.
Sharon Mannette, Nova Scotia Power

Thank you for your candor during the seminar that we attended. It was a very powerful learning tool for all of us. Your honesty and open nature made grasping the concepts outlined much easier for me. Your workshop is one that I would recommend to any number of colleagues and friends. I have gained some very valuable insight into effective human relations in the workplace, and also in my personal relations with others.
Leigh-Anne Card
Health Canada

In the office I feel more relaxed and confident. My relationship with colleagues at all levels has definitely improved and this is a wonderful learning for me, especially when it comes to responding to managers. Many thanks, once again Deborah!
Gillian Lang
Financial Services
Cape Town, South Africa

On behalf of the students in the Masters of Physical Therapy Programme at UBC, I would like to say a big “thank you” for your excellent presentation on conflict management. Not only did you keep a group of somewhat tired students engaged and interactive, but you also provided excellent and relevant practical strategies that were well-tailored to the specific needs of the group. You “encouraged people to think” and reflect, which is so valuable for today’s practitioner. I look forward to having you participate in our programme in the future, and again, thanks so much for a job well done!
Sue Murphy
Interim Division Head
Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine
University of British Columbia

Deborah! You were just amazing! I think every woman should allow herself to take a break from our crazy daily responsibilities and learn from you how to look after ourselves better. Thank you soooo much for that amazing experience!’ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!’
Gisele Dutra
Freelance Writer
Vancouver, BC

I loved the exercises. They helped me put myself in a different place.
Reza Peyk
Vancouver, BC

The calmness and escape within the mind. I have not been so relaxed and grounded in a long while.
Ruman Phagoora
Vancouver, BC

I liked that it was interactive and experiential learning, as opposed to a lecture.
Jason Sew
Vancouver, BC

I vote for Deborah. I thought her facilitation skills were excellent, and she had a strong theory base to support her information.  She was enthusiastic, held my attention, and delivered a lot of information that was new to me.  I was satisfied to the point that I want to bring her in to my organization to do some training sessions.
Pat Pettit
Director of Administration
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Nova Scotia

I enjoyed Deborah very much as a facilitator. We should consider her for future sessions. Great. High energy, great interaction and genuine enthusiasm. Thank you.
Maritime Life IT Leadership Forum