About Deborah


Deep Life Coach

True empowerment and authentic self-expression come from the deep place of presence. 

Deborah Rossouw - Certified Deep Life Coach

Deborah Rossouw – Certified Deep Life Coach

Deborah Rossouw is a certified, highly intuitive Deep Life Coach and Professional Speaker.
  • She helps women [and a few men] relate authentically to self, others and the sacred, by mastering their energy, emotions and expression.
  • Empowering Authentic Relating – working with voice, energy and emotions – primary focus
  • Well-being focused on Living Foods – a personal passion, and secondary focus
    My motto: Go Deep to Live Light!

I believe that who you are being trumps what you are saying.

I believe to restore any relationship, you need to start with you.

I believe that healing hidden hurts facilitates healthier relating.

I believe that wholeness on the inside, positively impacts relationships on the outside.

Deborah’s gift: Helping women relate to themselves and others more authentically and compassionately through integrating their energy, emotions and self expression.

Deborah delivers: Keynotes, Seminars, Coaching and Soul Summits [Transformational Retreats]

What differentiates my programs?
  • I take an integral approach to enable my clients to relate with more insight, compassion and authenticity, to self and others
  • I focus on transformative, embodied change
  • I understand deeply, but work as lightly as possible
Who do I help?

I help heart-centered 3o+ Blossomers, mainly women

  • who feel stressed or dis-empowered, to manage their energy and emotions more skillfully, to be more empowered and authentic
  • who fear public speaking, to deliver their unique message authentically, with more confidence & presence
  • who struggle with weight gain & emotional eating, to take back control by addressing the underlying causes of unconscious triggering patterns

I believe you will feel your deepest joy when you bring your highest gifts. ~ Deborah Rossouw

I help others express themselves and their unique message from an aligned inner core.”

What did I do before this?

For more than two decades and on three continents, in my role as OD Consultant and Coach, it’s been my privilege to teach thousands of professionals how to engage from an aligned inner core that enables more skillful and productive conversations. My clients experience life-changing results.

Educated in Organizational Psychology, as an HR Professional in a corporate workplace for more than two decades, I worked as a Trainer, Facilitator, HR & OD Consultant & Leadership Development Adviser – enabling front-line staff and middle managers to engage more skillfully with integrity. You’ll notice that the thru line is empowerment and well-being.

On another personal note

I attribute my personal energy to living foods – as outlined in my book, ALIVE on RAW – get  your body and energy back.
In June 2012 I completed the 240km Bike Ride from Vancouver to Seattle as part of a fundraiser to support the BC Cancer Foundation’s Ride to Conquer Cancer. And I had tons of energy to spare at the end of the ride. What helped me make the distance?

“I was ‘powered by love and fruit! And of course the appropriate training!”

I’m fortunate to share my life with my closest friend, business partner and multi-talented author-musician-coach-speaker-photographer-second-husband of nearly two decades. We’re blessed with four diversely talented grown-up sons, each of whom excel in their individual field.

Having emigrated to Canada in 2000, from South Africa, she and Dene now live in beautiful British Columbia – and they are proudly Canadian!


More background …

For more than two decades I have served in various roles including that of Organizational Development Consultant, Speaker, Management Trainer, Leadership Development Adviser and certified Integral Life Coach. I’ve worked with clients on three continents, in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and in a variety of industries, including financial services and healthcare.

I draw strength from the Christian faith and am highly respectful of all other faiths and never impose my beliefs on others.
As dance is one of my favourite forms of self-expression, I will on occasion express worship through freestyle, Spirit-led dance that engages my entire being. It’s the form of worship I felt called to at the age of nineteen. And that’s a story I plan to share in a future book that I’m currently working on, namely, ‘What came because I asked – true stories and guidelines for connecting with your super-natural self.’