Feel Alive Beyond 9 to 5


 – Your VISA for Vitality for work and life!


On behalf of the Wellness Team here at Deloitte, thank you for being our Keynote Speaker. Your presentation was an energetic and inspiring kick-start to begin 2013 on a healthy, fit, and spiritual footing! Thank you.
~Andrew MacDonald, Enterprise Risk, Deloitte Vancouver, BC.

In this inspiring and thought provoking keynote Deborah shares her own unconventional recovery from a chronic and debilitating health condition. She will share a combination of research and ancient wisdom to inspire your group to activate their VISA for Vitality to reduce stress and experience more balance and integrity in their lives.

Contact Deborah to speak at your next conference or trade show. She will work with you to ensure that her presentation aligns with your theme to support your success.

Thank you Deborah!
Your presentation was very informative and your speaking style is very engaging and energetic.  You are very easy to follow and you make it easy to get excited about health and wellness.  Anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to hear you speak! ~Jen Strack,  Deloitte, Vancouver BC.