FAQ – Coaching


What is Integral Life Coaching?

Integral Life Coaching is a methodology that focuses on creating lasting shifts in one’s thinking, seeing and way – to help you to become more aligned and congruent from the inside out. The outcome? It enables you to live with greater clarity, confidence and competence.

How does Integral Life Coaching differ from other coaching?

As a Coach I work with you as a whole person and aim to support you to experience integration across all life domains. I work through the body and help you to become self-correcting and self-generating. Many other coaches, though not all, will work primarily with the topic you bring, and often the focus is on problem-solving alone, whereas I work with you, ‘the whole person’ and help you to transform at a fundamental level.

Does your coaching focus on solving problems?

No, it’s more than that. I offer development of you the person for longer lasting change.

How does your coaching differ from counseling or therapy?

My coaching focuses on your current life experience and is developmental in orientation. I focus on the present so as to help you develop more competence for the future. I work through the body to help you self-correct and embody a new way of being.

Counseling and therapy, on the other hand, invite you to tell and re-tell your story so as to explore the terrain of your inner world and thereby help you make sense of your outer world. It has its place, and it is not the approach of integral coaching.

What do you specialize in as a coach?

Let me answer with a few questions.

Do you want to:

  • Express yourself more truthfully to others?
  • Lead from a state of greater internal clarity and greater calm?
  • Show up in a more grounded way at work and home?
  • Be more real in your relationships, rather than keep up pretences?
  • Express yourself with greater confidence, clarity and competence?
  • Experience deeper personal connection with yourself and others?
  • Develop greater inner coherence to face life with more ease?
  • Reduce the grip of the inner critic and trust yourself more?
  • Learn to make clear requests and counter offer or say no?
  • Release the grip of resentments and reconcile with others?
  • Establish greater harmony and integration in your life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you would benefit from my coaching. I help my clients do any combination of the above. I specialize in helping others to develop the ability to speak their truth with confidence, competence and courage, as they develop greater internal alignment regarding who they are and how they relate to others.

Is my coaching for you?

Yes, if you are ready to invest in your development so that you can experience yourself as more skillful, capable, congruent and whole.

Who are your typical clients?

Professionals, executives, mid-level leaders; entrepreneurs who are facing transition and want support through shifting their way of being.

How can I know for sure if you are the right coach for me?

Meet me for a Free 30-min initial consultation. That way you the will get a sense of how I work and can ask me any questions you may have with regard to my coaching or the integral coaching process.

Contact me to schedule a consultation.

If distance prohibits you from meeting me in person, we can connect by telephone or Skype, like my international clients whom I coach using Skype. It works well.

What can  I expect from you, if I engage you as my coach?

You can expect me to partner with you to build your competence and capacity in a focused way to support your development. This partnership is based on mutual trust and respect.  You will get ‘between-session work’ to help you to embody changes relevant to your specific program outcomes.

Do you coach in person or on the phone?

I coach in person, on Skype, and over the telephone, depending on where my clients are located and what we agree to, on an individual basis.

How long is the coaching program?

Your personal development needs will determine the length of your program – i.e. either 5 months, 8 months or 10 months.

My work aims to help you become competent, self-correcting and self-generating, so that you no longer need me.

What qualifications and experience do you draw from?

I am a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West, in San Francisco. And, I’ve been coaching others over a period of 15 years, using a variety of personal development modalities, including processes from the Life Training, conflict resolution, boundary work and inner child work and I’m a certified Master Practitioner of WEL-Systems NLP.