Integral Life Coaching


ALIVEWhat makes Deb’s coaching different is what makes her different. She has a unique ability to flex and flow based on a person’s changing needs throughout the program, yet all the while holding perfectly on course with the intended outcome. What this means is that everything is addressed. It’s a holistic style of coaching that deals with all parts of the self. Nothing is left out.

I can’t recommend Deb enough.
If you are considering coaching, go with her. Do whatever it takes to work with her. If you are like me you will
get results that surpass your expectations of what is possible. This isn’t for everyone, though. If you aren’t willing to put in the work and take a step into the unknown, don’t bother. However, if you want to experience a higher level of fulfillment and purpose in your life and you are willing to work to make it happen, Deb is the one who can help you get there.
~ Michael Mueller – Vancouver-based Artist.

As a Certified Integral Life Coach I help you to:

  •     Reconnect with your inner being to feel more empowered in life
  •     Develop greater self-confidence
  •     Manage and master your energy and emotions so you can respond to conflict more effectively
  •     Establish stronger boundaries for your life and relationships
  •     Develop greater internal clarity and inner harmony
  •     Overcome emotional eating and shift from chaos to calm
  •     Integrate the emotional and spiritual parts of yourself
  •     Re-connect with your inner spark

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Debs Coaching

Debs Coaching

Outcomes: I help you to…

  • Be more in tune with your deeper identity or true self
  • Re-discover your wholeness, authenticity and creativity as a self-aware human being
  • Experience more internal freedom
  • Manage your emotions more effectively during conflict & establish greater internal harmony
  • Express yourself with greater courage, clarity, confidence and skill
  • Present your message more confidently in meetings and job interviews
  • Present your message to audiences with more confidence and presence
  • Reduce the grip of the inner critic
  • Release resentments and experience reconciliation within yourself as well as in your relationships
  • Experience hope and healing
  • Integrate your body-mind-soul-spirit for greater energy, vitality and well-being
  • Re-align your relationship with your body and restore well-being and self-esteem from the inside
  • Re-connect with your inner being – your Soul, your Spirit
  • Reconnect with your joy and inner being

Integral Coaching vs Topic Coaching

  • Integral coaching equips you to embody a new way of being. You’re introduced to inner tools, skills and practices that build new capacity and competence so you embody the change at a fundamental level. Integral coaching supports you to become self-correcting and self-generating, whereas
  • Topic coaching equips you with specific skills without bringing about an embodied, integrated way of being. It is more a skills-based, head-based approach. And these coaching programs are shorter in duration

The Topic Coaching I offer is focused on the following areas:

  • How to present with presence and power, using a story-telling blueprint for success
  • How to present more powerfully incorporating voice-work, stage-blocking and story-telling techniques
  • How to be responsibly assertive – and hold your ground with power and dignity
  • How to prepare for job interviews so you come across as confident and competent
  • How to overcome emotional eating – ask about my exclusive 90-Day BodyWise Break-Through Coaching Program

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What my integral coaching clients are saying

Deborah, you are a life saver and a life changer! I have far more clarity and focus in my life because of your coaching. Thank you!
Angela Scouten
Entrepreneur & President
Logos Toastmasters
West Vancouver

I would certainly recommend Deborah as a coach to any professional that wants to advance their interpersonal skills.
Christo Koch
Senior Financial Analyst
North Shore Credit Union

Deborah, Your coaching  program Far exceeded my expectations! I recommend you unreservedly! The tools you’ve shared will serve me well for the rest of my life.
When we had our initial interview, I was pretty unhappy with myself…..mind, body and soul. Just vocalizing the fact that I wanted to lose weight and get more fit by ‘changing my defaults’ sounded like a ‘pie in the sky’ thought to me.
Being coached on Skype is awesome. One of my fears was that it would be difficult or maybe not as effective to work with you seeing as I’m in Halifax and you are in Vancouver…..I was wrong. Through video conferencing it was like you were in my living room and what a perfect setting for such a personal journey.

Anyone who is looking for personal growth needs to put their faith in your facilitation and expertise. You are ‘Simply The Best’ and I Thank You!

As a result of working with you these past 6 months, I now default to healthier choices and have learned how to listen to my ‘body cues’. This has been not only fun and interesting but has allowed me to TRULY enjoy food again. Through positive reinforcement and tools we found Ruth again…..maybe for the first time. I love this…and will be forever grateful. Your positive approach has made this journey and amazing experience.
Ruth Harding Bohan
Nova Scotia

Deborah was an essential partner with me in this journey. She provided me with opportunities, new thinking, new ways at looking at something, and gave me mental, emotional or spiritual tools that have enabled me to do self-coaching.
Patricia Lambert
Lead Business Advisor
Capilano University Continuing Education

Before we started our work together I was filled with self-doubt, lacking confidence, unsure of my direction in life, unsatisfied… you name it I was there. The magic of the work you did was in offering me the tools to begin to see those patterns for myself, as I was ready. You were never directive, never judgmental. You offered the tools and the environment of care and support,  in which I could re-discover the person I always knew I was deep down, but had hidden away from the world for many, many years.
Marc Low
Business Development Manager